Thursday, March 5, 2015

10C - Into the Wild - Post #1

Start by watching this short video:

Then read the original article from Outside Magazine by Jon Krakauer:

 Here's a link to the original magazine article with pictures (unfortunately a page or two is missing!)

Answer these questions before we meet on Thursday, March 12.  Don't copy the language from the text; formulate your own answers.

1) "Immediately Gallien began to wonder if he'd picked up one of those crackpots from the lower 48 who come north to live out their ill-considered Jack London fantasies."

a)  What is a 'crackpot'?
b)  What are 'the lower 48'?
c)  Who was Jack London?

2) What made Gallien think that 'Alex' was ill-prepared for a journey into the bush?

3) Krakauer says people thought McCandless intended to commit suicide, "But I for one am not so sure."  What personal reason does Krakauer give for this statement?

4)  What are the two "seemingly insignificant blunders (mistakes)" Chris McCandless made that contributed to his death?

5) Write a short character sketch of Chris McCandless.  What was he like?  Formulate your own text (don't copy from the article or from the internet), and write at least FIVE sentences using descriptive adjectives (e.g. "Chris McCandless was single-minded - he wanted to go to into the Alaskan wilderness alone and no one could talk him out of it.")

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