Sunday, March 1, 2015

1C - Presentations

Monday, March 2 - How Playstation works - Martin J. Tobias B
Monday, March 2 - How cars work - Endriti, Cvjetko
Monday March 9 - How to ski - Markus, Lukas H.
Monday, March 9 - TOPIC? - Alexandru, Kevin
Monday, March 16 -How ice cream is made - Jakob, Roberto
Monday, March 23 - The wonderful world of kebap - Daniel, Lukas B.
Monday, April 13 - How soft drinks (Coca Cola) are made - Christoph, Fabian
Monday, April 20  - All about motor sports - Corinna, Stephanie

Monday, April 27 - SCHULARBEIT

Things to remember:

1) Each student speaks for about 2 minutes. Be ready to answer questions!
2) Speak freely - do not read or memorize your presentation
3) Use a poster or power point - but don't write your presentation on the slides
4) If you use a video, turn down the sound and give your own narrative.
5) No excuses - if you are absent the day your presentation is scheduled, you may not get another chance!  If your partner is absent, you will give your part of the presentation alone.

6) Handouts are always nice!

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