Monday, March 16, 2015

1C - Homework for Monday, March 23

1)  Reread the text about baseball.  Write a summary about the article.  Include (in your own words):  * the structure of major league baseball in the U.S.
 * the importance of the World Series
 * where and when baseball began
 * popularity of baseball in the U.S.
 * the basics of baseball (object of the game, basic equipment)

NOTE:  Do NOT add information that is not in the text.  Do NOT add your opinion to the end.

2)  Watch this video (in German) to get an overview of baseball.  Of course, we will talk about (and play!) baseball in English!  Know what these words mean in English: pitcher, base, inning, run, safe, umpire, out, flyout, groundout, strikeout, strike zone, scoreboard,

3) Now try it in English! Here are some more words you need:  offense, defense, pitcher's mound, catcher,  bat, batter, hit, home run, grand slam, swing, miss, foul ball, glove, ball, forceout, tagout, diamond, infield, outfield, first base, second base, third base, home plate, shortstop, dugout

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