Monday, January 19, 2015

7C - Homework for Thursday, January 22

We are doing Chapter 4 Transit Traffic in Focus on Modern Technology 4/5.

For Thursday you should

1) Look at the vocabulary on page 48 and note the words you don't know (in your vocabulary notebook)

2) Read the reading on page 43 "Environmental challenges in constructing the Gotthard Base Tunnel"
Then on page 42 do:
a) exercise 2 (making up headings for the text - see page 150 for help)
b) exercise 3 (reading comprehension), and
c) exercise 4 (vocabulary building)

3) Think about the impact of transit traffic on the environment

EXTRA PRACTICE (I will give you feedback if you hand in these exercises)

1) read the text on page 41 "The Alps:  Living Space, Resort and Transit Zone" and do exercise 2 on page 40 (reading comprehension)

2)  Read the text on p. 45 "Tunnel Boring Machines," then do exercise 8 (reading comprehension).

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