Friday, January 9, 2015

1 HAS - In Class, Friday, January 9

Reply to this e-mail from your English speaking friend.

FROM:  J. Smith
TO:  (your name here)
DATE:  January 9, 2015
SUBJECT:  Happy New Year from Chicago!

Hi (your name here)!

     Happy New Year!  How are you?  I just had the most wonderful winter break!  First I had to finish my holiday shopping.  That was really stressful because of all the people at the mall.  But after I bought the last present, I could relax with a nice cup of hot chocolate by the fire.  On Christmas Day (December 25) my family visited my Grandma and we ate a big turkey with all the fixins.
    After Christmas my family and I went to Florida where it was warm and sunny - not cold and snowy like in Chicago.  I spent a lot of time on the beach!  We also spent New Year's Eve at Disney World and saw the fireworks over the Disney castle, just like in the movies (see photo)!
   On January 2 we flew back to Chicago because school started up again on Monday, January 5.  My friends are all jealous of the tan I got in Florida!
   Now it's your turn. Please write and tell me:  How did you spend your winter holidays?

Wishing you all the best for 2015,
 - Jess

Reply to Jess' email.  Write at least 120 words about your winter break. Make sure you:
* use a greeting
* use a paragraph for each new idea
* wish your friend a Happy New Year
* use a good closing

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