Wednesday, January 14, 2015

1 HAS - More practice for Schularbeit

In your textbook, Just go for it 1, do these exercises for practice:

p. 6, ex. 4a (present simple - first form, he/she/it, das-s muss mit)
p. 6, ex. 4b (match subject to verb)
p. 7, ex. 4e (questions in present simple)
p. 20, ex. 4a (pronouns)
p. 26, ex. 1a (present progressive, am __ing, are __ing, is __ing)
p. 29, ex. 1b (present simple and present progressive, we did this one in class!)
p. 30, ex. 2b (present progressive)
p. 31, ex. 2e (present simple and present progressive)
p. 35, ex. 5b (present progressive)
p. 55, ex. 3a (simple past - you need the CD for this one!)
p. 56, ex. 3b (simple past - 2nd form)
p. 56, ex. 3c (simple past)
p. 57, ex. 3d (questions in simple past)

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