Thursday, January 15, 2015

4C - In Class, Thursday, January 15


1. Why is Ferris sister angry?
2. Why does the headmaster don’t trust Ferris?
3. Where does these three have the Ferrari from?
4. How did Mr. Rooney recocnise, that Ferris wern’t home?
5. What was the problem when Mr. Rooney wants to enter the house?
6. What happened in Ferris house after his sister comes home?
7. Which music was played, when the rubbers drove the car?
8. What’s the name of Ferris sister?
9. What dog does Ferris had?
10. What song sings Ferris on the parade?
11. Why does Mr. Rooney getting flowers while ihe is standing in front of Ferrises house?
12. On what museum they are go to?
13. What technology use Ferris on the door?
14. What car drives Ferris’ sister?

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