Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Abend HTL - In Class, Tuesday, March 28

Do some research on your city (brochure, Internet). Do your research IN ENGLISH!

In your presentation you should include:

·                     where in Chicago the attraction is located
·                     how to get there from the Chicago Essex Inn (bus, “L”, train, taxi, by foot, Segway, helicopter, bicycle))
·                     when is the attraction open?
·                     how much do tickets cost?
·                     is there a reduction for students or groups?
·                     short history of the attraction
·                     what can you do/see at this attraction? (this should be the longest part of your
 presentation - include lots of details)
·                     are there special events? when? do they cost extra?
·                     are there any other attractions close by?

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