Monday, March 6, 2017

4C - Homework for Monday, March 13 (at the latest!)

NB:  Write BOTH TEXTS in your Activity Journal (as mistake-free as possible)

TASK 1)  Write a summary of the listening
(Who? What? Where? When? Why? How? and details:
a. How much greenhouse gas is produced by one loaf of bread (weight)?
b. How many tons of greenhouse gas is produced yearly just from bread production?
c. What leads to the most greenhouse gas emissions?
d What solution did researchers suggest to reduce these emissions?
e.  How can individuals make a difference?)

Here's a link to the listening:

TASK 2)  Write a blog entry for the school's English blog.  The topic is the "Future of Petroleum."
In your blog entry you should:

1) explain the different ways we use petroleum in our everyday lives
2)  analyse the importance of food (production, transport, packaging) as a contributing factor to the peak oil crisis
3) suggest ways that people can reduce their individual impact on the earth

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