4C - Homework for Week of March 20

Let's slow down a little bit.

You have read the article about Smart Cars on pages 92-93 of Focus on Modern Technology.  And you should write a comment on this article (see the task 3 on page 93).  But do you feel like you have enough information to write a good comment? No?

Here's a nice video about the future of transportation.  It might give you ideas about what the future without gridlock will look like.  So for Monday, March 20, simply watch this video. 

Minute 1-6:00 - introduction, personal background of the speaker, and why he is an expert.
Minute 6-11:00 - Statistics about cars in the future.  Some solutions for gridlock around the world.
Minute 11-14:00 - Cars that talk to each other (so-called "Smart Cars")
Minute 14-end:- What we need to make this technology happen


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