Friday, March 31, 2017

Abend HTL - Homework for Tuesday, April 4

REMEMBER:  We meet in the 2. and 3. lessons on April 4.  You have Fr. Prof. Fasser in the 1. lesson!

For English:  You received brochures about Chicago last week.  You will do short presentations about the city.  

Do some research on your activity (attraction, tour).  Use the brochure and the Internet. Do your research IN ENGLISH!

In your presentation you should include:
·                     where in Chicago the attraction is located (or where you meet for the tour)
·                     how to get there from the Chicago Essex Inn (bus, “L”, train, taxi, by foot)
·                     when is the attraction open (when do the tours operate)?
·                     how much do tickets cost?
·                     is there a reduction for students or groups?
·                     short history of the attraction / tour
·                     what can you do/see at this attraction / what can you see on the tour? (this should be the                 longest part of your presentation - include lots of details)
·                     are there special events? when? do they cost extra?
·                     are there any other attractions close by?

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