Friday, March 10, 2017

ABEND HTL - Homework for Tuesday, March 14

Task 1) Do the vocabulary exercises for the Unit on Travel and Tourism (pp. 69-70 in your Topics and Language in Use book).
Task 2) Reinforce the vocabulary by doing the exercise on page 77.

Task 3) In your Activity Journal,
a) write a paragraph (Absatz) about a memorable place you've visited (use past tense).  Use lots of details:  when did you go there, who did you go with, where did you go, how did you get there, where did you stay, what did you do, what did you like about it?

b) Then write another paragraph (Absatz) about a place you want to (wollen) or would like to (möchten) visit.  Why do you want to go there?  Watch a video in English about this place and include the link in your entry!

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