Thursday, March 9, 2017

3C - Homework for Week of March 13

For March 14 (Pi Day!)
Look again at the materials we have worked on for food miles/peak oil.  We will do a short exercise in class to see how well you know your vocabulary!

For March 16
On Thursday, March 9, we looked at a monologue task. We looked at how to add examples and connect ideas.  For Thursday, March 16, write out this same task as a blog entry.  Use linking words and at least 1 passive verb, 1 modal verb, 1 gerund, 1 comparative, and 1 if-sentence.   Write about 200-250 words in your Activity Journal.  This should be as mistake-free as possible!

·         explain what “food miles” are and why people should know about them (Graphic 1)
·         give reasons why people prefer to shop at supermarkets
·         discuss the other aspects of food production that impact the environment (graphic  2)
·         suggest ways that people can reduce their food miles and help reduce CO2 emissions (Graphic   2)

Graphic 1

Graphic 2

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