Wednesday, March 29, 2017

4C - Companies for Presentation


These companies are leaders in the field of technology and manufacturing.  In your PRESENTATION your should talk about the company, its mission, its relationship to the environment  and discuss in detail AT LEAST ONE product that the company produces (include manufacturing, materials, specifics, reputation, etc.)

You will turn in an outline of your presentation to me for feedback by Monday, April 24 (see example). We will begin presentations the week after the Schularbeit, 2-3 per lesson throughout the semester.  Length:  5-7 minutes

Let me know which company you select. If you have another idea of a company that has information available on the web in English, please see me!

Can-Am                                                        Nitro USA
John Deere                                                     Boeing
Rockwell Collins                                           Smith and Wesson
Harley Davidson                                            Caterpillar
Delorean                                                       Voestalpine Texas
Aston Martin                                                Joy Global Underground Mining
Schaefer Systems International                       Cessna
General Electric                                            GE Aviation
Learjet                                                          ThyssenKrupp
Sikorsky                                                        Peterbilt
 CAMI (Cool Amphibious Manufacturers International)

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