Friday, March 17, 2017

Abend HTL - Homework for Tuesday, March 21

Task 1)  We introduced the future tense last Tuesday.  In your WORKBOOK, read pp. 81-82 (Explanation in German) then prepare answers to the questions:
a) Where are you going to spend your next holidays?
b) Are you going to travel in a group, with a partner, or by yourself?
c) Where are you going to stay?
d)  What are you going to do there?

Task 2) Read the two texts on page 71. They describe what you can see as a tourist in Australia and (spoiler alert!) London.

Task 2) Activity Journal
Last week you wrote about a place you would like to visit.  Now find an English tourism video on YouTube (should be at least 3 minutes!) about that place and write a 100 word entry about what you can see and do in this place. Use the texts on page 71 as a model. Include the video address in your journal (If you need help finding a good video, let me know!)

If you want to work ahead, take a look at this video about tourism in Australia:

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