Monday, October 17, 2016

2C . Homework for Monday, October 24

1) QUIZ OVER IRREGULAR VERB FORMS!  Pages 169-170 (and handout)

2)  Print off the Englische Zeiten from the school server (Lehrer für Schüler Tausch -> 2C -> Sandrock -> Englische Zeiten (you can do this in the EDV Room or use a USB stick) and begin reviewing tenses (see

3)  Look at the vocabulary on page 128 (idioms for getting about)

4) Do exercise 1 on page 115 in your book

5) Do exercise 2 on page 116 in your book

6) Read the Grammatikübersicht on page 126 of Focus on Technology 1.

7) Try the exercises on page 121 (Ex. 4 and 5)

8)  Keep working on your English Activity Journal

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