Monday, October 24, 2016

2C - Homework for Monday, October 31 (Halloween!)

KEEP WORKING ON YOUR ACTIVITY JOURNALS.  REMEMBER, Don't just write in English... try to do fun activities in English (see list here)

UPDATE 10/28:  I know I still have your activity journals... write the next entry on a piece of paper that you can paste into (einkleben) your activity when you get them back on Monday.  Next Abgabetermin:
Group A:  Monday November 7
Group B:  Wednesday, November 9

1) Finish exercise 2 on page 120.

2) Do  "Do You Remember?" on pages 129-132.  Check answers on page 144.  If you don't understand something, Monday is the time to ask!

3)  Read the text on page 123.  Then write the answers to exercise 1 (p. 123-124) and exercise 2 (page 124) IN YOUR EXERCISE BOOK.  Note the instructions:  In exercise 1, use a MAXIMUM of FOUR words in your answer (this is a Matura- bzw. SA-Aufgabenstellung).

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