Sunday, October 16, 2016

9C - Homework for Monday, October 24

1)  In your English Activity Journal, write TWO entries;

a) a response to Dr. JoJo's letter to you (handed out in class on Monday, October 17**).  Make sure you use present tense in your response.

b) a report about your trip to Munich.  This entry should be written in past simple tense (for the most part).  Need a refresher on past tenses?  See this website or do these exercises!

2)  Read this article about the importance of unpolluted water in Native American culture.

3)  In your HÜ Heft, write a 150 word summary of the article. Note that the article is written predominantly in present tense, so use present tense in your summary,  You should also try to use indirect statement (e.g.  Day says that the intent of the walk is to speak to the water, not to a human audience.

**HOMEWORK FOR MONDAY, OCTOBER 24:  In your English Activity Journal, write a reply to the note from Dr. JoJo (below).  She wants to know about your current attitude toward school and what your plan is for getting all your work done this year.  Write a text in which you use the present simple and present continuous tenses in all different forms (statements, questions, negatives, as seen in the text we did in class).

Dear                       ,  

It’s your final year of technical college in Austria, and there is so much to do!  You must be under a lot of stress.  What is your attitude to school right now? Are you able to get all your work done for your classes? Are you eating and sleeping okay?  You should take time to do things you want to do instead of working all day and all night.   Going out with friends or being with your family can often help you de-stress (although sometimes they can also distract you from your work).  Do you have any hobbies you can devote your attention to, so you aren’t always thinking about your diploma thesis or the prom?  Do you have a time management strategy?  Sorry to ask so many questions, but we haven’t had much time to chat! 

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