Wednesday, October 26, 2016

9C - Homework for Thursday, October 27

You got a "Matura Aufgabenstellung" in class.  You may prepare it beforehand, or you can prepare it in the lesson.  At least five students will present during class.  It will count towards your Speaking grade.

Situation:  You are an exchange student at a university in Scotland.  You have been asked to give a presentation about the water crisis in your Introduction to the Environment class.

MONOLOGUE – Speak at least two minutes, hit all the bullet points, and don’t read from the text.  Try to bring in your own ideas.

·         outline the importance of water for life on earth (see text 1)
·         analyse the threats to clean water sources (see text 1)
·         suggest ways in which individuals can make a difference

For suggestions, you could use the text you prepared for Monday:

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