Tuesday, October 4, 2016

1C - Homework for Week of October 10

1)   In your HÜ Heft, write a dialogue based on the speaking activity in class
     Situation:  You meet a person named Alex Robinson (Alex can be a boy or a girl's name).
     Alex wants to know all about you:  Where you are from, what language you speak, how you can keep in touch (in Verbindung bleiben). You exchange (austauschen) information (email address, Facebook, telephone number, snail mail address).  You need to spell your name and the name of your town. EXAMPLE;  Alex tells you his/her name is spelled R-O-B-I-N-S-O-N.

Here's a way you can start:
ALEX:  Hi, I don't recognize (erkennen) your accent.  Where are you from?
YOU:  I'm from _____
ALEX:  What language do they speak there?
YOU:  We speak _____.  Where are you from?
ALEX:  I am from _____.
YOU:  You're cute. What's your name?
ALEX:  You're cute too. I'm Alex. What's your name?
YOU: My name is ____.  We should keep in touch.
ALEX:  Yes!  Do you use Facebook?
YOU:  ...

Try to keep the conversation going for at least five more exchanges (ten more lines)

Alex Robinson
1634 Garden Lane
Stowe, Vermont 05672
Phone: 802-555-4419

2)  Be able to describe your house (p. 16, 18) and bedroom (19-20***)

3) Look at the vocabulary on page 30 of FMT 1
4)  Look over the grammar (Grammatikübersicht) pp. 27-28

*** use the sentence suggestions

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