Tuesday, January 10, 2017

3C - Homework for Thursday, January 12

1) Bring all your English papers (HW, English Activity Journals, article draft and rewrite, SA and Verbesserung!) to class so we can check Mitarbeit points.

2)  When you write your SA text Verbesserung, don't just correct the grammar and spelling mistakes - really try to improve the Aufgabenstellung (text type, bullet points, details), Organization (paragraphs, linking words), language range (use a variety of words and structures, try to use passive, if-sentences, relative clauses, avoid vague language), and language accuracy (get rid of the careless spelling and grammar mistakes!) 

2)  In your HÜ Heft, write a letter to Philip, your friend from America.  Tell him about your Christmas holidays, using the outline (Vorlage) below.  Make sure you include who, what, where, when why and how.  You should have 5 paragraphs (at least 170 words)

Dear Philip:

- General greeting... why you are writing

- Describe how you spent Christmas. Describe a really cool present you got.

- Describe how you spent New Year's Eve.  Describe how you spent New Year's Day.

- Describe how you spent your last weekend before school started.  Are you you happy to be back in school?  Why or why not?

- General questions about Philip's Christmas holidays and ask him to write you back.


(your name)

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