Wednesday, January 4, 2017

2C - Lehrstoff for Schularbeit, Monday, January 16

- Reading comprehension
- Grammar
- Writing
(we’ll do a separate listening later in the month)

1) Go through your English Activity Journal and make a list of all the mistakes you make regularly.  Then BANISH these mistakes from your writing!
2) Go over the texts we’ve read. Summarize each of them in your own words (summary is Kurzfassung, emphasis on “kurz!”  It should cover the main message of the article and answer the questions Who? What? Where? When? Why? and How?
3) Practice grammar on ego4u at this link
4) You can also practice the grammar sections in your Essentials of English Grammar book (answers in the back!)

(includes vocabulary, idioms, grammar, Aufgabenstellungen and talking points)

Focus on Modern Technology  1
UNIT  7 . movies, Avatar, Simpsons, how to create an episode, history of film, modal verbs, passive verbs
UNIT  8, energy conversion, after the crash, directions, prepositions, listening strategies, adjectives/adverbs
Do you remember?  (modals, some/any, much/many, a little/a few)

Focus on Modern Technology 2
UNIT 1, Adventure travel, parts of a car, Outback, car troubles, directions, travel idioms, If-sentences
UNIT 2, school, describing pictures, comparisons, pushy parents, school stress, irregular plurals

passive voice
adjectives/adverbs (including irregulars, ex. good/well), esp. –ing and –ed adjectives
if sentences (types 1, 2, and 3)
All tenses, active, passive, positive, negative, question,
irregular plurals

review of a movie/series
journal entry


Class rules, English activity journal, THINK before your speak, Rube Goldberg, Thanksgiving, Wien Woche

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