Monday, January 9, 2017

7C - For Tuesday, January 10

1) Bring all your English papers (HW, EAJ, report/rewrite, tests) to class so you can check your points!

2) Continue with your activity journal (EAJ).  Remember to do ENGLISH activities, and then write about them in English.  You need an input from TV, film, radio, memes, articles, blogs, speaking with tourists, or online! This will help improve your English vocabulary, idiom, feel for the language, etc.

LOOKING AHEAD:  For Monday, January 16, write a correction of the text(s) from the Schularbeit in your Verbesserungsheft.  Don't just correct the grammar and spelling mistakes - really try to improve the Aufgabenstellung (text type, bullet points, details), Organization (paragraphs, linking words), language range (use a variety of words and structures, try to use passive, if-sentences, relative clauses, avoid vague language), and language accuracy (get rid of the careless spelling and grammar mistakes!)

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