Tuesday, January 10, 2017

1C - Homework for Tuesday, January 17

1) In Focus on Modern Technology 1 do
a) the exercise on page 46 (match the pictures with the words - learn the vocabulary)
b) do the survey on page 47 (how many minutes do you spend on these devices?)
c) read the text on page 49-50  and do exercises on page 51.
d) learn vocabulary on page 56

2) Continue with your English Activity Journal - You should have at least 10 entries.  Remember to do ENGLISH Activities (don't just write about your day in English).  You need input from TV, movies, videos, radio, memes, articles, speaking with tourists to learn vocabulary, idiom, pronunciation and to get a feel for the language.

BRING ALL YOUR ENGLISH PAPERS (HW, quizzes, English Activity Journals, etc) so we can check Mitarbeit points!

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