Monday, January 30, 2017

7C - Homework for the next week

Soooo, we are making our way, slowly but surely, through the Themenbereiche for Matura.

In this unit we are going to:
a) learn what "Peak Oil" is
b) connect "Peak Oil" with food production and food miles
c) connect "Peak Oil" with the production of plastics

So far we have:
a) read the article "The End of Civilization as We Know It"
b) done some vocabulary work (word forms from verbs)
c) defined what food miles are
d) discussed why you pay more for food that travels long distances
e) discussed the advantages and disadvantages of organic food

For the next week or so, we are going to talk about plastics.  This means jumping from Focus on Modern Technology 3 to Focus on Modern Technology 4/5.

You should:
1) read the articles in Unit 10 of FMT 4/5
   a) Plastics: Convenient but Dangerous, p. 116 (zusätzlich, Ex. 2, p. 115)
   b) Plastic in Cars. p. 118 (zusätzlich, ex. 4, p. 119).
   c) Forming Plastic, p. 122 (zusätzlich ex. 8, p. 118)
2) think of alternatives to plastic that could reduce dependence on petroleum and contribute to saving the planet

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