Monday, January 30, 2017

5C - Homework for Thursday, February 2 (Groundhog Day!)

Okay, folks!  No more messing about!

1) Symposium - Gregor, Kivanc
2) Look at the chapter on Surveillance and Security in FMT 4/5 - Read the articles:

a) Britain is "A Surveillance Society", p. 30 (zusätzlich: exercise 2, p. 29)
b) Biometric Identification Methods, p. 31-32 (zusätzlich:  ex 2 p. 31, ex. 4 p. 33)
c) E-Passports - More Secure? p. 35-36 (zusätlich:  ex. 9, p. 35)

These will provide talking points for the topic of Security and Surveillance which fits into the "Lifestyle" Themenbereich for the Matura.  Consider this question for class:

"Which of the following is the biggest threat to your personal privacy:  CCTV cameras, biometric passwords or the Internet of Things?"

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