Sunday, October 25, 2015

9C - "Homework" for Wednesday, October 28

In preparation for class on Wednesday, watch this video below by John Green.  You can turn on the subtitles to catch everything he says - he speaks very quickly!

Be able to discuss the following questions:
* Who is John Green? What country does he represent in his vlog? Why should we trust him?
* What is the political situation in Syria?  What caused it?
* How many refugees are there (compare with the total number of Syrians)?
* Which countries are hosting the largest number of refugees?
* What is the distinction between "migrants" and "refugees"?
* What are the rights of refugees (and what gives them these rights?)?
* Syrians account for about half the asylum seekers.  Where does the other half come from?
* According to Green, who is to blame for the refugee crisis? Make a list.
* Do refugees and immigrants commit more crimes than Americans?  Do you think they commit more crimes than Europeans?
* What is Green's response to "It's not our problem" "We have to take care of our own people"?  Do you agree or disagree with Green's argument?
* Do you agree that 'regional crises have no global importance'?
* What does Green mean when he says "The hardest work is not in making the promise, but keeping it"?  What promise is he talking about?
* What is the 'only' solution, according to one 13 year old Syrian refugee?

VOCABULARY (feel free to add to the list!)
to relinquish
to expel
safe harbor

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