Wednesday, October 14, 2015

1C - Homework for Wednesday, October 21

For Wednesday, October 21, you will need:
Your textbook (Focus on Modern Technology 1)
About 1 hour of time

TASK 1) Study the vocabulary from Unit 0 (pages 8-13). We will have a short written vocabulary exercise (5 minutes at the beginning of the lesson).  Include the following words:
manufacturing (Fertigungstechnik)
 social skills (SOPK)
metalworking (Schmiede)
What does ___ mean? (Was bedeutet ____? Was heißt ____?)
 to attend a school (eine Schule besuchen)
elementary school (Volkschule)
middle school/junior high (Mittelschule/Hauptschule/Unterstufe Gymnasium)
secondary school/high school (BHS/Oberstufe Gymnasium)
stressful (angstrengend)

TASK 2) On pages 14-15, fill out "Do You Remember?" (all exercises: 1-5) These exercises review basic skills (pronouns, tenses, word order).

TASK 3) Make sure you know the letters and numbers in English. We will be spelling names and giving telephone numbers during the lesson.

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