Thursday, October 29, 2015

7C - Homework for Thursday, November 5

TASK 1 - Study for a Test on November 5.  Includes PASSIVE VOICE and DESCRIBING CHARTS AND GRAPHS.

TASK 2 - Download the Student Correction Key from Lehrer für Schüler Tausch > 4CHMIF > Sandrock > StudentCorrectionKey

TASK 3 - Rewrite blog text (Should Cell Phones be used in the Lessons?).  Sandrock needs both the original and the rewrite.  For best results, paste the original on the left side of your HÜ Heft and write the corrections on the right side.  Don't forget:  LINIERTES PAPIER MIT KORREKTURRAND

TASK 4 - Write an article for an English language magazine for Austrian HTL students.  The topic of your article is how you can improve your English in a fun way.  In your article you should:

* State the problem of having English only two hours a week
* Describe fun ways in which you can improve your listening, grammar and pronunciation
* Comment on your own method of learning English (give your best English learning tip)

Write about 250 words (+/- 10%)

Before you submit your text, use this handy WRITING CHECKLIST


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