Thursday, October 15, 2015

7C - Homework for Thursday, October 22

You will need:
Your textbook, Focus on Modern Technology 3
Access to a computer
Your brain

To complete this homework, you will create a Word file.  Call this file LASTNAMEFIRST INITIAL.doc.  For example, SANDROCKJ.doc  Put your name at the top of the document.

TASK 1:  Read the article on page 23-24 of your textbook, Focus on Modern Technology 3.  Do exercise 2 on page 24 (write a summary of the article on page 23-24).

TASK 2:  Read the article on pages 27-28.  Then complete the sentences on page 29 (exercise 4) using a MAXIMUM of four words. Copy and paste the sentences into the Word document to make your life easier:

EXERCISE 4 - use a maximum of four words to complete the sentences (based on the text on pp. 27-28 in your textbook)

1.  Autonomous robots do not need

2.  When a bump-and-go robot hits an obstacle, it

3.  When a robot's sound signal or beam of infrared light strikes an object,

4.  The advantage of stereoscopic vision is that the robot is able to

5.  Hearing and smell are also

6.  Lawn-mowing and office-cleaning robots are unable to work

7.  With the help of a 3D map, a rover robot can

8.  Rather than trying to compute a solution, some robots

Type your summary and the answers to exercise and send it Frau Professor Sandrock ( by 13:00 on Thursday, October 22.

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