Friday, October 2, 2015

4BHK - 'Homework' for Tuesday, October 6

Homework for Tuesday, October 6:

Watch The Apprentice, Episode 3, Season 10:

BACKGROUND:  The Apprentice is a reality TV show from the United Kingdom.  Lord Sugar invites contestants to compete for £250,000 and a chance to be Lord Sugar's business partner.  Each week, Lord Sugar fires the contestants who made the biggest business mistakes.

In this episode, the contestants are divided into two teams, and each team must produce and sell high-end candles.  All aspects of MARKETING are here:  from product development, to production, packaging, pricing, marketing and selling the candles -- all within 48 hours!

HOMEWORK:  As you watch the episode, make notes about the decisions that each team makes.  Are they good decisions or bad decisions?  What does Lord Sugar have to say at the end?

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