Friday, December 11, 2015

5AHK - Lehrstoff for SA, Monday, December 21

FORMAT - Two hours

You can expect
A READING section
TEXTS (includes reminder letters, brochures, and our old friends letter/email, blog entry, blog comment and report)

You are responsible for VOCABULARY and CONTENT of the following units:

Unit 7 - Tourism
 - positive and negative effects of tourism
 - service industries in tourism
 - what is 'responsible' tourism?
 - examples of cultural tourism
 - how to write a brochure
Unit 8 - Globalisation
 - definition of globalisation
 - advantages and disadvantages of globalisation
 - outsourcing
 - anti-globalisation movement
Unit 9 - Work/Life balance
 - What is burnout?
 - Wellness programs
 - Modern stress factors

Unit 6 - Focus on Modern Business Communication
 - How to write reminder letters

 - Big Rocks, all verbs/tenses

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