Saturday, December 5, 2015

2C - Extra Practice for Schularbeit

The Schularbeit is on Thursday, December 10

It will be heavy on grammar - For extra practice, do the section in your textbook:  Do You Remember 3 (pages 129-131, Focus on Modern Technology 1).  

You should really, really know the passive voice.   You should especially look at exercise 6 (ex. 131 in your textbook).

For even more practice, see Essential Grammar in Use:

PASSIVE VOICE:  Unit 22, 23 (pp. 54-57)  
SOME/ANY:  Unit 76 (pp. 162-163)
MUCH/MANY:  Unit 83 (pp. 176-177)
(A) LITTLE, (A) FEW:  Unit 84 (pp. 178-179)

Or, if you don't have that book at home, you can do some online exercises:

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