Saturday, November 7, 2015

5AHK - Homework for the week of November 9-13

For this homework, you will need:
Your book (left it at school?  No problem! )
Your brain
About an hour of your time

ABSOLUTE MINIMUM: look at the vocabulary for the globalisation chapter (page 113).  See what vocabulary you know already.  Then make a list of nouns, verbs, adjectives, phrases in your SÜ Heft.  There a lot of verbs/phrasal verbs because, like German, English is a very 'verbal' language.

Do these exercises to familiarize yourself with the VOCABULARY of Globalisation:
Page 101, ex. 2
Page 105, Ex. 4
Page 108, Ex. 3 (you need to read the article on page 107)
Page 107-108, Ex 4. (you need to read the article on page 107


p. 102-103, Ex. 1 - Matura bzw. SA Aufgabenstellung (Note Form, Maximum 4 words)
p. 107, ex. 1, p. 108, ex. 2
p. 108-109, ex. 4

p. 104, ex 2, CD 2, Track 3 (write a guided summary)
p. 109,, ex 4, CD 2, Track 4 (Matura bzw. SA Aufgabenstellung- Multiple Choice)
p. 110, ex. 6, CD 2, Track 4 (TALKING POINTS FOR GLOBALIZATION!!!)

In-Class, p. 104, Ex. 4 (TALKING POINTS!)

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