Tuesday, November 3, 2015

4B - Homework for Monday, November 9

Task 1:
You are looking for sponsors for prom night (Maturaball):  Write a letter you can send out to various businesses in your area asking them to support your event. In your text you should:
  •  Describe what your ball event will be like (place, size, target group, etc.), 
  • Mention how you would like to be supported (financial contribution, hiring of a dance hall, shuttle service, midnight show, prizes for a tombola, giveaways for the ladies, etc.) 
  • Clearly state what you are prepared to offer (advertising space on entrance tickets, posters, advertisement in programme booklet, logo included in video show, etc.) 

    You might want to include and overview of sponsoring/advertising expenses and the size of advertising space you offer.  Approximately 250 words.  For inspiration, see this site: http://www.wikihow.com/Write-a-Letter-Requesting-Sponsorship

You may type your letter (preferred) or write it on LINED paper with KORREKTURRAND. Make sure the letter is properly formatted (date, address, greeting, closing, signature, logo).  Before you turn in your work, check the WRITING CHECKLIST.

Students who do not turn in a letter are invited to give a presentation about sponsorship during the lesson on Monday.

Task 2:  Look at vocabulary on page 29 (overview of advertising)

Task 3:  Do exercise 3 on page 23 and exercise 4 on page 24.

Task 4:  Write a summary of the text on page 25 (B1).

Do exercise 4 and the summary in your HÜ Heft or on a separate piece of LINED paper with KORREKTURRAND

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