Monday, November 9, 2015

2HAS - Homework for MONDAY, November 16 (postponed until Friday, November 20)

SITUATION:  You work for the Folkestone Sports Centre, and you are introducing your business to a group of teenagers and their families.  Each student prepares his or her part (see below; you received your assignments in class on Monday, November 9).  Each student will speak for at least ONE MINUTE. 

The best presentation (group and individual) will win a prize. The best presentations will be by students who can speak freely and coherently (frei und fließend). 

In groups of 4-6, present the Folkestone Sports Centre (pp.23-24). 

A - Gives an overview of the Folkestone Sports Centre (p. 23)
B - Presents information about the More Passport program (p. 23-24)
C - Presents the Under 16 Facilities (p. 24)

A Laura, Amela
B Edisa, Zeliha,
C Niki, Marion

A Adnan, Öner, 
B Magdalena, Mischi
C Ines, Matea

A Nikola, Benji
B Jana, Selina
C Alexander

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