Friday, November 6, 2015

7C - Homework for Thursday, November 12

For this homework you will need:
* Your textbook (forgot it at school? No problem!
* A favorite DVD that you can switch to English
* Your brain
* 1-3 hours of your time

Task 1:  Watch one of your favorite DVDs (TV show or movie) in English.  It should be one of your favorite episodes/movies where you know the plot and dialogue.  Switch the sound to English and the subtitles to English.  This will help your English in at least ways:  You will hear the language (listening), you will see the language (reading) and you will match the sounds to the words (pronunciation).  You will also learn some new vocabulary and idioms.  Try to watch at least 10 minutes a day (or more if you've got the time and energy!).

Task 2:  Look at the Vocabulary on page 44 (Unit 3) in your textbook, Focus on Modern Technology 3.  You will need this vocabulary to begin working with Chapter 44.  TIP:  In your SÜ Heft, divide the vocabulary words into Verbs, Nouns, Adjectives, Phrases.

Task 3:  Look at the Language in Focus section on page 41 (Indirect speech: Statements).
Note the differences between these sentences:
Martin Cooper:  "It took me three months to build the first mobile phone."
Martin Cooper SAYS that it took him three months to build the first mobile phone.
Martin Cooper SAID that it had taken him three months to build the first mobile phone.

Want more practice?

  • Do exercise 3 on page 35 (general vocabulary) and/or
  • exercise 4 on page 40 (prepositions)

GRAMMAR: There are plenty of resources on the internet to practice your English grammar.  See the sidebar of the blog under English Grammar Resources.  You can also sign up for English grammar sites on Facebook (again, see sidebar).


  • Readings in Unit 2 (page 23-24, exercise 2, 27-28 exercise 4)!  It's not too late to submit this homework!
  • You can also do the readings in Unit 3, page 38-39 (this will help with your homework!)
  • The reading on page 42-43 is a Matura Aufgabenstellung (Multiple Matching).  Kill two birds with one stone!  Do Exercise 1, p. 42 and exercise 2, p. 43

SPEAKING:  Prepare to speak in class.  Our topics will be robots (your experience in Robotik), discussing pros and cons of robots (exercise 5 on page 29)

Describe what happens in this 30 second video.  Use markers (first, then, next, after that, finally...) and the present simple tense:

WRITING: If you haven't written an article about 'Fun Ways to Learn English', it's not to late to turn in this homework!

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