Wednesday, November 4, 2015

1C - Homework for Wednesday, November 11

Task 1.  Study the vocabulary on page 30 of your textbook, Focus on Modern Technology 1.  Include the word apprentice - Lehrling.  We will have a five minute vocabulary quiz at the beginning of the lesson.

Task 2.  If you have not done it yet, read the email on page 20-21, and do exercises 1 and 2 on page 21.

Task 3.  Read the explanation of 'Befehlsform' on page 27.  Then fill in the gaps on page 22, exercise 5 with the correct Befehlsform from the word bank.  We will check the answers in class.

Task 4. Review the present tense.  There were too many mistakes on the homework.  There will be a TEST on Wednesday, November 25 over the grammar thus far:  articles, tenses, word order, etc.


I play we play
you play               y’all play
he/she/it plays they play

I do not play        we do not play
I don’t play          we don’t play

you do not play y’all do not play
you don’t play       y’all don’t play

he/she/it does not play they do not play
he/she/it doesn’t play they don’t play

Do I play?              Do we play?
Do you play?          Do y’all play?
Does he play?         Do they play?
Does she play?
Does it play?

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