Wednesday, February 28, 2018


Time to break out your English Activity Journal!! (Schulheft Quart - liniert, mit Korrekturrand!)

You will write a review of the ENGLISH version of one of your favorite films. Use the example on page 165 of Best Shots 2 as a model (incorporate phrases from page 166 to get a really good mark!).  Write about 200-250 words in your Activity Journal.  Make sure you write IN PARAGRAPHS, using proper spelling, capitalization, punctuation and grammar.

1) Watch one of your favorite films in English.  It should be a film you have seen many times in German, so you know the plot and dialogue.  Feel free to use English subtitles (not German!)

2) In your review, you should indicate when the film was made.  Then describe the main characters, the setting, and outline the plot (NO SPOILERS!).

3) After you have described the film you should write a) what you liked about it and b) what you didn't like about it. (you can certainly include language here!)

4)  Would you recommend this film for English students? Why or why not? Focus here on the language.

You will turn in your first activity journal with TWO entries on Wednesday, March 14.


  1. Dear Dr. Sandrock,
    it would be nice if there's the ability to put the other book we have on the blog so we can find them easily.
    Thank you

  2. Thanks for the feedback! I made a link to Best Shots 2 in the sidebar! :-)


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