Wednesday, February 28, 2018


For your first activity journal entry, write about your favorite sport in English  (NOT football/soccer).  Try to use vocabulary that we learned in class. Use proper paragraphs, spelling, capitalization, punctuation and grammar.  Write about 100-120 words.

In your entry you should:

* describe your favourite sport (What kind of sport is it?  What equipment do you need?  What is the object of this sport?)
* state why you enjoy your favourite sport
* tell people what they should do if they want to play your favorite sport

Example (do NOT copy the example): 

My favorite sport is soccer.  Soccer is a ball sport.  You can play soccer all-year round.  It can be played outdoors in summer and indoors in winter.  Soccer is a team sport. The object of the game is to score more goals than your opponents.

I enjoy playing soccer because you can have good competitions with your friends.  The only equipment you need to play soccer is a soccer ball and a good pair of sneakers. But you need to practice, because it takes a lot of skill to control the ball with your feet. 

If you want to play on a team, find out if your hometown has a soccer club.

113 words


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