Monday, February 26, 2018

10C - Written Homework for March 2018

BROCHURE - due Friday, March 2 - about 200 words

For your brochure: You will each write a brochure for your Diplomarbeit. Each student will write a brochure focusing on his or her own contribution to the DA, and will sum up the group project results in their own words and from their own perspective. You may work on it during the Semester Break. It is due Friday, March 2 in hard copy format on Sandrock's desk.

FORMAT (tri-fold – language will be of top importance, but graphics and layout will be taken into account)
 HEADING: The Project Team (in which you briefly describe the members of the team (hint: no one cares how old you are... readers want to know how you contributed to the project!)
 HEADING: The Project Sponsors (in which you briefly describe the people who directed your project – who are they, why are they qualified, and what did they do to help?)
 HEADING: The Project Partner (What company or organization did you work with? Where are they located? What is their mission? Who was the person you worked most closely with?)
HEADING: Project Details (this is the (second?) longest section in which you describe the project in as much detail as allowed by law. Do not describe the planning or setbacks, describe what you actually did – focus on your individual role in the project)
HEADING: Project Results (this is the (second?) longest section in which you describe the results of your group project, the importance of your project for the future of the company. Focus on the positives (including economic, environmental, global impacts)
HEADING: For further information contact: (in which you list your professional contact information – not

 N.B. Names are always written "first name" "last name" to avoid any confusion)

 ABSTRACT DRAFT: Due Friday, March 9 Get together with your project members. Take the best language from each of the brochures in your project group. Add information required by the DA committee. Designate a copy editor who will type up the official abstract. The copy editor will circulate the abstract to all members for suggestions and improvements. All members of the project must work on/look at the abstract before turning it into Sandrock on March 9 (or before). FINAL

ABSTRACT: Due Friday, March 16 Sandrock will help you before you turn your draft abstract in, and she will help you make final adjustments so you don't embarrass yourself. But she will not write the abstract for you. Whatever she receives on Friday, March 16 will be the abstract that she grades and submits for all members of the project.

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