Friday, November 4, 2016

Activity - Nutella

ARTICLE:  Nutella for breakfast?  

Dr. Sandrock says:  "When I was growing up in Iowa, we didn't have Nutella.  Luckily, my father made regular trips to Germany and used to bring back small packs of Nutella from the breakfast buffet in his hotel. Later when I was in high school, Nutella came to the U.S.  I remember sitting in my bean bag chair in front of the television, watching music videos on MTV and eating Nutella out of the jar with a spoon! Nutella tastes a little different in the U.S. because it is made with hydrogenated oil (gehärtetes Fett) and therefore it can't be sold in health food stores."

What is your experience with Nutella?  
Do you like Nutella?  
Does your family buy Nutella or do they buy a store brand (S Budget Nougatcreme)?
Did you know you can make your own Nutella?  Here's a recipe!
How do you eat Nutella? (on bread - what kind?  on fruit?  on ice cream?  straight out of the jar?)
Do you think Nutella is a healthy food?

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