Thursday, November 10, 2016

Abend HTL - Homework for Tuesday, November 15

You'll get your activity journal back on Friday, November 11.

For Tuesday, November 15

1) another entry in your activity journal (make sure you do ENGLISH ACTIVITIES to improve your vocabulary, idiom, pronunciation, listening comprehension, reading comprehension and feel for the language - watch English videos/films/series, read English texts/articles, listen to FM4 or English songs and look up the lyrics (Songtext), talk with tourists in Graz or Schladming or at the train station!) You may, of course, write about Ferris Bueller's Day Off!!

2) Look at the chapter "Let Me Entertain You" in the Topics and Language in Use book (pp. 33-44).  Pay special attention to vocabulary (pp. 34-35) and past simple tense (pp. 38-40). Start looking at list of irregular verbs - e.g. go, went, gone - on pages 90-91 of the Workbook.

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