Sunday, November 13, 2016

1C - Lehrstoff für die Schularbeit (Group B, November 29; Group A, November 30)

1) Reading Comprehension (Leseverständnis)
2) Grammar (Grammatik, Zeitformen:  present simple, present progressive, past simple, past progressive, auch Pronomen, Schmelzwörter, unregelmässige Verben),  You can practice your tenses at this link:

3) Writing:  dialogue, description, diary entry, letter/email (Schreibaufgaben:  Dialog, Beschreibung, Tagebuch Eintrag, Brief/e-Mail)

INCLUDES:  All grammar, vocabulary, topics (alle Grammatik, Vokabeln, Themen) die in Unit 0-2 vorkommen,

Unit 0 - Getting Started:  Introducing yourself, school subjects, numbers, languages/countries/nationalities

DO YOU REMEMBER? 1 - pronouns, possessive adjectives, verb "to be" in present and past tense, verb "to have" in present and past, questions/question words

Unit 1 - Houses and Homes;  Describing your house, describing your room, describing your routine, discuss school/work (NVQ, HNC), saving electricity, home appliances, tools and what they are used for, present simple tense, present progressive,

Unit 2 - Shopping: types of shops, sales conversation, shoplifting, letter of apology, tenses: past simple, past progressive

Extras - English activities, English alphabet, Wortstellung, Signalwörter/Fragewörter, Rechtschreiben, Pronomen, unregelmässige Verben (besonders "to be" "to have" and "to do"), contractions (Schmelzwörter, z.B. I'm, won't, doesn't, usw).

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