Friday, November 4, 2016

3C - Homework for Tuesday, November 8

Rewrite your article about stereotypes and type it up so it looks nice (Zeilenabstand 2, no more than one printed page)
Your article should:
*  be around 250 words
*  have an interesting title
*  have a strong introduction (including definition of stereotype with an example)
*  have three body paragraphs (after the introduction and before the conclusion)
    1) how stereotype can lead to prejudice (with example)
    2) how exceptions (people who do not fit a stereotype) can open people's minds
    3) a good example of an exception (think of the videos we watched or use a personal example)
*  have a conclusion (Schlussabsatz) which encourages people to be open-minded (how could being       open-minded about people make the world a better place?)

If you did not write a first draft, you can still turn in an article on Tuesday.  Here is the original assignment:

As of Friday, November 4, only typed drafts or drafts on LINED PAPER with KORREKTURRAND will be accepted.  NO GRAPH PAPER (aka kariertes Papier)!!

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