Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Abend HTL - Lehrstoff für Schularbeit, Dienstag, 29.11.2016

* Leseverständnis
* Grammatik (Schwerpunkt Zeiten: present simple, present continuous, past simple, bejahte Aussagen, Verneinungen, Fragen, Signalwörter, Schmelzwörter (can't, I'm, you're, usw.)
* Schreibaufgabe(n) - Tagebuch Eintrag bzw. blog entry, letter/email

Englisch für die Berufsreifeprüfung - Basis Module
Topics and Language in Use:  Nice to meet you (pp. 11-21), Work to Live (22-32), Let me entertain you (33-44) 
Workbook:  Parts of Speech (pp. 13-14) Present tense simple (pp. 33-39), Present tense continuous (pp. 39-41), 
Past tense simple (pp. 43-46), Word order (pp. 57-59)

THEMEN:  Themen:  Talk about yourself, your family, your work, work and stress, importance of work, importance of school, carpe diem, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, music (favorite artists, importance of music), 

Extras:  Rechtschreiben

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