Sunday, September 18, 2016

English Activity Journal - All Forms

English is the only subject that you can learn without studying
(Englisch ist das einzige Fach, das man "lernen ohne Lernen" kann) - Frau Prof. Sandrock


WHO:    You!
WHAT:  You will record in your journal the ways you use English outside of English class.
WHERE: Outside of English class!
WHEN: Whenever you can work it in to your schedule! (at least 30 minutes a week)
WHY:     Because 50 minutes twice a week isn’t sufficient to learn enough English for Matura.
HOW:    At least once a week[1], set aside time to do some of the following:
                WATCH!                part of a movie in English (with or without English subtitles)
                                               an episode of a series in English (with or without English subtitles)
                                               videos in English
                                               the news in English
                                               sports or sports highlights in English
                LISTEN!                 to music in English
                                               to the news in English
                READ!                    a book in English (you don’t have to read 250 pages at one sitting!)
                                               poems in English
                                               the news in English
                                               memes in English
                                               articles about your favorite band, sports team, actor/actress, etc
                SPEAK!                  English with a classmate
                                               English in an online gaming community
                                               English with a native speaker or a tourist
                WRITE!                 texts in your journal in English
                                               in English on social media
                                               in English in online gaming communities             
                                               forum entries on the blog (question of the day)
                TRANSLATE!         articles, music texts, poems, memes
                SET!                       Your electronics (iPhone, iPad, computer, etc) to English
                                               Your social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc) to English
                EXTRAS!                Make a recipe following the English directions
                                               Make your own memes in English
                                               Make a video in English
                                               Write your own English texts (stories, poems, ideas)
                                               Notice English in the world around you (especially in shops and advertisements)

Don’t wait until the last minute!
Do activities in English
Don’t copy from your classmate
Write your journal entries in English.
Don’t copy from the Internet
Use complete sentences. 
Don’t use Google Translate
Include lots of specific details (date, length of time, activity, skills used, titles of films, books, URLs of                                websites, videos, links)
Don't use graph paper (kariert)
Write at least 100 words per entry

MINIMUM: One entry per week - 10 entries for the semester.
Journals are collected every two weeks. Write at least 2 entries (one per week) for collection.

See blog ( for ideas and inspiration!

[1] Students who do more than one English activity a week and/or write more than one journal entry are likely to learn more English and get better grades.  Make it so!

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