Wednesday, September 21, 2016

2C - Homework for Monday, September 26

For Monday, September 26

1) What's your favorite film (or TV series)?  Take your favorite scene (or episode=Folge) and watch it in English (with or without English subtitles).  This is a good exercise because 1) you already know the plot=Handlung and 2) you already know the dialogue in German,

2) Then write about it in your English Activity Journal.  TIPS:  You may write a summary (don't copy it from the internet - use your own words!). Or write about the language (what new vocabulary or phrases did you learn in English?).  Or write about the characters (which is your favorite and why? who is the villain? how would you describe each character (what are their personal characteristics=Eigenschaften? use a dictionary to find creative adjectives)

Make sure you do this!  Our English lessons this week depend on it!

ALSO;  Look in your FMT 1 book on pages 64, 65, and 71-73.  Did you do the exercises?  If not, do them1

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