Sunday, September 18, 2016

2C - Homework for Monday, September 19

For Monday, September 19, you should:

1) bring your textbook (Focus on Modern Technology 1)
2) bring notebooks (3x A4 Hefte, liniert, mit Korrekturrand):
     one for notes and exercises in class (Schulübungsheft)
     one for homework (Hausübungsheft)
     one for rewrites, revisions, second drafts (Verbesserungsheft)
     + one Schulquart (liniert, mit Korrekturrand) for your English Activity Journal
3) bring your Student Information Sheet (Mr. Bachler, Mr. Berger, Mr. Haberl. Mr. Schwarzenbrunner, Mr. Wölger)
4) Bring something from home that has special meaning for you (if it is something big like a JetSki or a goat, bring a picture instead)

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