Sunday, September 18, 2016

Abend HTL - Homework for Tuesday, September 20

For Tuesday, September 20 (17:35 - 19:05)

Fernstudium bzw. Homework:

1)  Fill out the Student Information Sheet and bring it to class on Tuesday.  Write at least 120-140 words.  (did you lose yours? need another one? send an email to

2)  Look up vocabulary for your job.  Write the words in your homework bookBe able to describe your job in English. Approximately 1 minute.

1,  Bring earphones (Kopfhörer)
2.  Bring your text books if you have them.
3.  Bring notebooks (Hefte)
You will need a system to:
  take notes in class – Suggest A4
  do homework – Suggest A4, liniert, mit  Korrekturrand
  do Fernstudium – FX53, liniert, mit Korrekturrand

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