Abend HTL - Homework for Tuesday, September 20

For Tuesday, September 20 (17:35 - 19:05)

Fernstudium bzw. Homework:

1)  Fill out the Student Information Sheet and bring it to class on Tuesday.  Write at least 120-140 words.  (did you lose yours? need another one? send an email to frauprofessorsandrock@gmail.com)

2)  Look up vocabulary for your job.  Write the words in your homework bookBe able to describe your job in English. Approximately 1 minute.

1,  Bring earphones (Kopfhörer)
2.  Bring your text books if you have them.
3.  Bring notebooks (Hefte)
You will need a system to:
  take notes in class – Suggest A4
  do homework – Suggest A4, liniert, mit  Korrekturrand
  do Fernstudium – FX53, liniert, mit Korrekturrand


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